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My HyperMass Home Edition training plan includes a full split of intense, time based workouts that will not only make you SEE RESULTS but also EDUCATE you throughout.

This is not a body weight training plan. No extensive equipment is required, only household items.

Things you will need:

  • A few bricks
  • A backpack
  • 2x Dog leashes
  • 2x 5l water bottles with handles (or 10L if you're a strong mf)
  • Books
  • Pull up bar
  • A Couch
  • A Chair
  • A Broom or pole

Using this plan alongside being in a calorie surplus diet allows you to gain some serious mass and strength. You can also use this plan during a cut, but take on the optional rest days. You may even lean out a bit and put on size if you're closer to maintenance calories.

This is a home based training plan and could be suitable for gym based workouts, but adaptation will be needed.